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The EU-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement entered into force on 1 st May 2024. This agreement
removes customs duties on all EU goods exports to New Zealand from the date of enforcement. For
example, New Zealand will remove high duties on industrial products from the EU, such as:

  • Cars and motor vehicle parts (current tariffs up to 10%)
  • Machinery (current tariffs up to 5%)
  • Chemicals (current tariffs up to 5%)
  • Clothing (current tariffs 10%)
  • Pharmaceuticals (current tariffs up to 5%)
  • Shoes (current tariffs up to 10%)
  • Textiles (current tariffs up to 10%)
    This agreement will also eliminate customs duties on EU food and drink exports, such as:
  • Swine meat (current tariffs 5 %)
  • Wine and sparkling wine (current tariff at 5%)
  • Chocolate, sugar confectionary and biscuits (current tariff at 5%)
  • Pet food (current tariffs at 5%)
    This agreement will also eliminate or substantially reduce EU duties on most New Zealand goods
    which are imported into the EU. The benefits of this agreement accrue only to products substantially
    made in the EU and New Zealand and not to those made in third countries. When availing of
    Preferential Customs Duties, it is important to check the applicable text of this agreement.

Claiming Preferential origin on AIS customs declarations

The requirement to obtain originating status must be continuously met in line with the rules of the
EU–New Zealand Free Trade Agreement.
In line with recent practice in other EU Free Trade Agreements, and to enable easy use of the
agreement, Customs proof of origin can be either:

  • A statement on origin completed by the exporter on an invoice, or on any other document
    that describes the originating product in sufficient detail to enable its identification, or
  • Importer’s knowledge obtained and held by the importer that the goods are originating.

Verification of origin is based on contact with the importer by local customs and may be
followed by administrative cooperation between the customs authorities of the parties to
this agreement.
To claim preferential origin upon release for free circulation in the EU the following codes
need to be used on your import declaration:

  • U120: Statement on Origin
  • U121: Statement on Origin for multiple shipments of identical products
  • U122: Importer’s knowledge

For more information, contact us or see the below link
EU-New Zealand FTA page